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At the Japanese company Daikin, which has been developing and manufacturing technologies for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings for more than 90 years, I am responsible for the issues of HVAC compliance with the environment and sustainable development in the Czech Republic. I have been working in the field of construction since graduating from FSv ČVUT, when I first started designing buildings. I perceive the sustainability of architecture as one of the basic pillars of integrated building design, as well as its form, function and construction. In my position, I represent Daikin in professional organizations and associations whose agenda is to discuss sustainable solutions in the field of heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings - HVAC, their visibility and implementation. I like to collaborate on these projects and coordinate them within the company, because I believe in the power of synergy and I perceive that sustainability is always a common intersection of the various interests of the parties involved in the discussion.
The world contains an infinite number of spaces. Daikin believes that the air in each of them should be ideally suited to the environment they support. Thus, we make it possible to manage the air- to control its temperature, humidity, flow, and cleanliness. Exciting new research promises the ability to modulate sensory elements, such as light and smell. We will continue to identify opportunities and seek solutions as we strive to make the world's spaces happier and more comfortable. At Daikin, we discover something new every day.
Prezentace: Smart Cities
June 22nd 2022
13:50 - 14:00 CET

Tomáš Habel

Environment Readiness OfficerEnvironment Readiness Officer Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe - Czech Republic