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Oliver loves to refer to himself in the third person. His athletic career peaked when he became the Year 1 potato sack race champion of Prague 4 in 2007, so he had to soon find an extracurricular activity to supplement his lack of athletic abilities: and since all of the other equally unathletic kids either played chess (which he sucked at), played an instrument (which he really hated), or did debate/speech, he devoted a large chunk of his life to becoming a master of the art of presentation/public speaking. Since then, he used this skill to launch two non-profits, sell his legal chatbot idea to IBM, make his way into becoming the CEO of Adecco for a month, get placed on Euro's 20 under 20 list, and smooth talk his way into a few 20% discounts at his local bakery. Now, he's the world's leading "pitch coachsultant" (partly because he came up with the term), advising Silicon Valley founders on their pitches; he leads Accelerate ME, the UK's leading student-led student accelerator; and through several other ventures is actively working on his life-long passion project of making a Wakanda-like Africa a reality.
DANONE is a leader in the production of quality and tasty products that are part of a healthy diet and respond to the nutritional needs of patients. Its portfolio includes dairy and plant-based products, infant and young child nutrition, as well as clinical nutrition products. The company's vision is to connect human health with the health of our planet called One Planet. One Health.
Prezentace: Smart Cities
June 22nd 2022
13:50 - 14:00 CET

Oliver Laryea

Dad of NorthWest's Studentpreneurship, Founder @ Plantinos