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Blanka Beranová graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. She has many years of banking experience, which she gained on various international projects at Accenture, where she worked in various management positions for eleven years. She has been working in the ČSOB Group since 2015. At ČMSS, now ČSOB Stavební spořitelna, she led the preparation and implementation of a new business strategy, the aim of which was to ensure ČMSS's dominant position on the building savings market. She also held the position of Executive Director of the Group Design Department. She was then responsible for managing the integration of ČMSS into the ČSOB Group. She is currently in charge of sustainability and is responsible for managing Sustainable activities within the ČSOB Group.
The ČSOB Group is one of the three largest financial services providers in the Czech Republic and a market leader in mortgages, building savings, private banking and leasing. It provides its clients with services through various brands and distribution channels. It manages a portfolio of activities that are in different stages of development and have different market shares.
Prezentace: Smart Cities
June 22nd 2022
13:50 - 14:00 CET

Blanka Beranová

manažerka zodpovědná za řízení Sustainable aktivit v rámci skupiny ČSOB